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I was going to do tattoolock on Friday but my tattoos would not have lasted at all. So this happened. Amazing day of FanExpo 1. With me is the bamf notrebeccahart as bamf human Impala. Generally a lot of bamf people. ;w; <3

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Ballet/punk/tattoolock with also undercut, cigarette and leather jacket so basically kill me dead

(some of the tattoos are taken/inspired by msaether's tattoolock design, others are mine)

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This is one of my favorite looks John gives Sherlock.  Things are (sorta) back to normal and he’s letting Sherlock know that they need to go face the press; but then he sees him, stops, and steps back a little as his eyes trail down Sherlock and little half-smile forms on his face.  It’s such a tiny moment, but it kills me!  If I’d never seen this show and someone just showed me this gif and asked me what was happening, I’d swear that this was a man walking in on his lover while they’re looking particularly gorgeous or something like that.  There’s such a sense of awe, as though, for a moment, John can’t believe that this is real; that the miracle he asked for came true; that Sherlock—the best and the wisest man he has ever known—is alive and back where he belongs. 

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lizard drinking soda

use the straw. use the freaking straw. that’s why we have the straw.



only art students/art enthusiasts will get how cool this watch is

literally everyone knows who salvador dali is


yes you’re allowed to have an opinion, just don’t be a dick about it

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"I wear a Bow Tie now. Bow Ties are cool."