Andrews replies were gold.

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sherlock cried on the roof of st. barts sherlock had tears in his eyes while he was making jokes in the restaurant scene sherlock’s eyes were watering when he rounded the street corner on the motorbike and realized john was in the bonfire hahhhhaHHAAAAHAA I’M DEAD INSIDE

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"I think every woman at one point or another in their life has been called a bitch. For a long time I had a real problem with that word, I didn’t like it and I thought it was derogatory. But I’ve gotten to a place now where I’ve made a lot of peace with it. It’s been so overused and made to seem so derogatory towards woman that I’ve adapted it into an empowering feeling for myself. If I’m a bitch then I’m a bitch, if that’s what an assertive woman is to you. So I’ve sort of adapted it as a badge of honor."




remember when the avengers was new?

remember how exciting it was to finally have some of our favorite superheros interacting in one movie?

remember getting chills during this scene?


remember feeling like a superhero when the screen went black and the credit music came on?

Please never forget how special The Avengers is. 



This literally slays me because he’s just letting his lips be kissed??? How can anyone think Sherlock actually had feelings for Janine???

Exactly. He is not reciprocating this. She is doing all the physical work, and Sherlock is just there…bearing it.

His eyes are screwed shut. His lips are tight and retracted. His head did not move at all. This was not something he wanted to do.

It makes me wonder if Janine did this to take the piss. To make John even more jealous. Or just having her own bit of fun.

But yeah, I don’t see how anyone can legitimately think he returned or even had any non-platonic feelings for her.

I was so uncomfortable on Sherlock’s behalf. Like him having to play straight and pretend to be into women for his case must have been tedious torture for him.

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Sherlock + text posts [part 1/?]